Matej Chabera is a design studio and brand with offices in United Kingdom and Czech Republic.

The work includes images, objects, identity, creative direction and consulting.

The studio works internationally on own projects, on private commissions and for a range of companies.

Creative direction — brings results out of creativity

Creative direction is one of the most powerful weapons. It is all about orchestrating creative work into the right complex outcome. An essential part of it is formulating design concepts and commissioning work so that it turns out great. Matej Chabera is the creative director at LUGI furniture maker since 2011.

For brands that want to make an impact.

Talents of people behind a producing brand come to little effect without good creative direction. It is a discipline close to business as it is close to the design process. Essentially it weaves together the principles of the brand with the products and the presentation to make it work all together.

Consulting — sharing the knowledge and experience.

Consulting is an opportunity for our clients to tap some of our insight and experience to plan a project or to check us out before they commission work. We find it gives both ways as having to analyze and present expertly on a subject in the clearest most useful way for a client makes our knowledge and judgement better every time.

For companies, individual professionals and students.

We offer expert consulting sessions on all major areas of design practice, design project development, product portfolio and personal growth in the creative industry.

'His designing skills were outstanding.'

‘The best quality of Matej is, however, his intent to improve himself constantly. He is his own master, tool and subject.’ — Willem van Seumeren, head of Architecten Centrale, Amsterdam  

'Matej's intervention had a crucial effect on my thinking about the subject.'

‘Consulting with Matej Chabera is always going to be connected with my first entry into professional design. Thanks to it my diploma work became a complex unity with a clear and well-formulated concept. These experiences are my permanent resource.’ — Miroslav Nachlinger, designer

'I like Matej's professional approach in everything he does.'

‘No matter if it is designing a furniture piece or choosing the right paper for business cards. His ideas and solutions are inspired and they conform to his extreme self criticism. His work is not just a promising sketch but is thoroughly considered and works for production and for the client.’ — Michal Peřina, owner of LUGI furniture maker

'Working with Matej is great for me.'

‘He is obsessive about details and always has a fresh and interesting view on things. It is never a routine approach.’ — Jaroslav Kvíz, photographer


individual objects in production.


years of international experience of Matej Chabera working as a designer in the Netherlands and Italy for studios whose clients include DuPont, Heineken, Moooi, Camper, Arco, DePadova, Zeitraum, Bedont, British Airways, Droog and others.


average annual overall production output including glassware, furniture and other products.


award wins: Good Design award in Chicago, Best Collection in Bratislava and Furniture of the Year in Prague.


award nominations including Czech Grand Design awards and Mart Stam prijs.


LUGI, Kavalierglass, Technogel Italia, Fortnum & Mason, Heineken


Mireia Gordi Vila, Jakub Korous, Martin Žampach, Jakub Gruber