Matej Chabera at the Royal College of Art graduation exhibition

The two years are completed and it is time to conclude with the exhibition. My graduation work includes four objects. The Tailor bag and the Shelf of Tables are my own work. Swing side table and Sling step are the result of collaboration with Mireia Gordi Vila.

I will be at the show most of the time. To be sure please book an appointment via email.

Download the PRESS kit

150MB of high-res images and short texts for all four projects including portraits and cv of Matej Chabera and Mireia Gordi Vila.

If you decide to publish any of this material you must quote full names and contacts. It would be great if you send a link or a copy for our archive.

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Interview for ItsNiceThat

Sharon Baurley, head of Design products at RCA, picked me to represent the department in the school’s video campaign ahead of the SHOW. It is a short film of my work by Joe Eatherden shot during the final stages of my graduation projects.

Shelf of Tables

1000 x 1500 x 600 mm
solid ash, solid steel, plywood, fittings

A kinetic object that innovatively blends storage and desk space into one simple unit. It essentially fits three desks into the floorspace of one where each one can be easily accessed at table height using any normal chair. By doing so it enables more subjects to be left in progress without the need to put them away. Changing focus from subject to subject becomes easy, fluent and immediate.

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Tailor bag

700 x 480 x 80 mm

Tailor bag combines typical aspects of tailoring and bag-making to create a new bag typology. It is a fully functional unisex bag that looks and feels more like a fitted garment. You don’t carry this bag, instead you wear it on the shoulder or the forearm.

Swing side table

Collaboration with Mireia Gordi Vila.

300 x 300 x 750 mm
solid ash, concrete, aluminium, plywood, rope, elastic

It is there only when you need it. Once empty it swings upright becoming a compact graphical object. The form is the outcome of a self-constrained methodology that assembles parts to fit and co-operate using simple physics principles of friction, tension, compression and weight.

Sling step

Collaboration with Mireia Gordi Vila.

300 x 300 x 750 mm
solid ash, climbing sling, silicone

A small ladder based on the unity of its pressure and tension components. Its elements are sewn together using a climbing sling. The more it is used the stronger it becomes. Specially formulated silicone feet make it safe on most surfaces. Whether in use or put away it is always in a relationship with the wall.

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